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      President Xi Jinping of China proposed an economic concept, which is the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (referred to as B&R) in 2013,expecting that all the countries to reach “Five Communication and Three Community”. Five Communication refers to policy communication, facility intercommunication, trade unobstruction, financing accommodation, people’s common aspiration. “Three Community” refers to interest community, fate community and responsibility community. Expecting that the countries conform to the convenience of transport infrastructure and technology, to strengthen communication and connection, to have mutual reciprocity and benefit, to promote the development of world economy and life, to create the opportunity of enhancing the quality of life.

      • Countries and Regions
        Over 60
      • Covering Population
        4.4 billion
        (60% of the world)
      • Economics of Scale
        21 trillion US dollars
        (29% of the world)
      • Export of Goods and Services
        Over 35% of the world
      • Total Railway Length
        81 thousand km

      Company’s introduction and Service

      Leading Consultant Limited is devoted into becoming a “Super Connector” in the Belt and Road Initiative, and to offer market consulting and performing service for different institutions in the Belt and Road Initiative.


      • Consulting
      • Evaluation and Matching
      • Conception and Suggestion
      • Project Implementation
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      Scope of cooperation

      Service Concept

      • Undertake “the Super Connector” – Look attentively at the world’s development opportunity
      • Transform practice into customer’s actual interest
      • Offer feasible suggestion and development scheme
      • Accept customer’s consignation to delivery scheme
      • To realize what the customer think

      The Belt and Road Initiative

      It includes the Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor on the three continents and a Maritime Silk Road in the Belt and Road Initiative. Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor sets up northern line, central line, and south line respectively.

      The current world’s shipping and metro situation (2016)

      Until the middle of 2016, the Maritime Silk Road is the regular ongoing line which is in a mature stage in the Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor on the three continents and a Maritime Silk Road. On the other hand, the north line is much more mature, the central line is partly ongoing, and the south line is still yet et to be developed and under observation in the Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor on the three continents.

      Since the beginning of 2014, the railway lines are up to 36, which are operated by various domestic and overseas institutions. The concerning lines are roughly as follows.


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